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lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010

RM responde preguntas en BTL

How do you feel your books differ from the numerous other vampire novels on the market today?

The world my books are set in is pretty unique. The idea of half-vampires and two races of vampires originates in Romanian mythology, and then I elaborated on it with my own twists. I actually haven’t read many of the other YA vampire books out there, but a lot of people tell me Rose is one of the more independent and proactive heroines they’ve seen.

Have you ever dreamed of anything you have written about in your books?

No, but I wish I had! It would certainly save me a lot of trouble on days when I have writer’s block. I know a number of authors who say they have dreamed their plots, however, so I’m still hoping it’ll happen to me one day.

Which character from VA do you see the most of yourself in?

There’s no one character I’m like. Instead, I’d say they all have little pieces of me. One may have my sense of humor, another may have my attitude toward problem solving, etc. A lot of people assume Rose is the most like me, since she’s the lead, but if anything, we’re complete opposites! I’m much more cautious than she is.

In your opinion, what is it about the vampire genre that gets young adult readers so hooked?

That’s the million dollar question, and six books later, I still don’t have a good answer. Sometimes I think it’s because vampires are one of the more approachable “monsters” out there. They look human and sometimes behave human, which makes them relatable. At the same time, they’re still exotic and otherworldly enough to appeal to lovers of fantasy. Vampires end up being a perfect mix.

How old were you when you started writing and were you a good story writer when you were at school?

I was making picture books when I was in elementary school and then trying my hand at short stories when I was in my teens. I wasn’t really a good storyteller in my teens, and a lot of it is simply experience and discipline. To write about life, you often need to live life for a while. Discipline is also something that can take time to develop. It’s very easy to say “I have a great idea,” but following through with it for 400 pages and working out the details isn’t easy. It wasn’t something I was able to do until my late twenties.

What was your initial reaction when you signed over the movie rights to Preger entertainment? We're you scared at any point?

I was on a very hectic tour in the UK when we did the paperwork via email, so it almost didn’t seem real at the time. I knew going in what it means to option a movie, though, so I’ve always been mentally prepared that the books will change when adapted. I’ve also known that it takes a very long time for books to become movies, which makes it easy to be relaxed right now. There’s currently no production taking place, but when it does, I’m sure Preger will do a great job. I wouldn’t have signed with them if I didn’t believe that.

Will there be a spin-off series for the Vampire Academy Series?

Yes. The spin-off will follow other characters from the Vampire Academy books and will be released in August 2011. Most of the details about the series are under wraps right now, but readers can expect to learn more in mid-January 2011.

Was there an event or aspect in your life that inspired you to write the beautiful love story of Dimitri and Rose in Vampire Academy?

I’m afraid not! It was just a story I wanted to tell, one that simply evolved from my imagination. A lot of people would love for Dimitri to be based on a real person. Who knows? Maybe he’s out there somewhere!

What is your take on the so-called ‘fantasy wars’ and do you think an adoration for both wizards and vampires can co-exist?

I’ve actually never heard of ‘fantasy wars’! I know plenty of people who love books about both wizards and vampires (myself included), so I certainly believe those two loves can co-exist. For true fans of fantasy, I think variations in subject matter aren’t nearly as important as the quality of the book, and good books will always find an audience.

Thanks Richelle and thanks to the following BTL fans who sent in these fantastic questions (Saskia Largent, Freya Fogliani, Nichole Kaufman, Dzintra Boyd, Ellen Martin, Elisa Terpos, Lisa Yu, Cass Hole and Raychel Barallon).

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